David Milan

German Father David Milan is one of the most renowned ballroom figures in Germany and Western Europe. The first member of the Royal House of Milan in Germany, David has been making an impact in the international ballroom scene since his debut in 2016, walking, judging, and winning trophies across Europe. Mastering the categories All American Runway, Old Way, Realness, Vogue Fem, and Face with Performance, he is praised for his versatility, tenacity, classic elegance, and infectious spirit. David is also an active member within the Kiki Scene, where he is known as Prince David Angels from the Kiki House of Angels.


Since his relocation to Berlin in 2019, David Milan has been instrumental in the advancement of opportunities for the local LGBTQ+ community, through voguing-related projects and charity initiatives. You can find his events here


Currently, he teaches runway and the original form of vogue performance, Pop Dip and Spin, which combines model-esque poses and walking, lines, elements of hieroglyphics and martials arts, and breakdancing. You can find his workshops here.

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